Our ambassadors are unique.

Not only do our ambassadors help spread the word of Kudu and its goals, but they are instrumental in ensuring every project and company we choose is cross checked by people from different industries, cultures and backgrounds. This gives us the best chance to find companies who are truly going to make a positive impact. We are a community. We work together to help others so we can work together to help more. It really is that simple.

We're looking for individuals to help spread the word about our mission and who are conscious about the world they live in.  
We are also looking for leads, city managers, who allow us to spread the word in cities around the world which could benefit from investment and or have designers wanting to contribute. 

We're looking for alternative thinkers, dreamers, realists, optimists, pessimists and everyone in between. 

Think you can help us make a difference? 

Get in touch.