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Our Mission

We have a simple goal.

  1. Produce high quality, sustainable products for people who would like to help others.
  2. Take the profits from these products and go and find people who are working to make a change and invest.
  3. Support these projects and businesses using the Kudu community knowledge to help lives around the world.


We are on the search for companies which meet our strict criteria. Only businesses or projects that meet these requirements are eligible for our funding:

  • Be actively supporting the community around them.
  • Be building a sustainable business which gives back more than it takes.
  • Focus on market creating innovation.
  • Empower individuals around the world.

Where to start?

Our first focus is Nairobi, Kenya. We have a team working tirelessly to find people and businesses looking to give back to their communities whilst helping to raise others out of poverty. Locals, born in Nairobi, our team know what it means to be a Kenyan living in the city.

 Our Nairobi lead (and CoFounder):

Kevin.Nairobi lead