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Responsible Sourcing

We are all about transparency here at Kudu, we want you to know where your shirt comes from and hold us accountable if we aren't living up to your expectations. We have taken our time searching for our favourite sustainable clothing producers and we want you to check them out and make sure we're right.  

There are many parts of the production of a T-Shirt which can have an impact on the environment, local society and culture and YOU the buyer. 

The most important parts to us here at Kudu are:

  1. Responsible sourcing of raw materials and the conscious, sustainable use of recycled materials to strive towards a more circular economy.
  2. Care and respect for the local community and the fair employment of workers under a fair working conditions. Striving for prosperity at every stage. 
  3. Quality. We want you to be blown away with the quality of our Ts. We want you to tell your friends and be proud you're helping others and wearing shirts that you look and feel good in.

With all this in mind, we have decided on: 


An entirely ethical brand, ST/ST's goal is to 'offer products that respect people, the environment and customers.'

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